Cover Reveal - Blue Demon by David Bernstein

Cover Reveal

Blue Demon Gets Its Retro Fit

At Sinister Grin Press, we are so excited to release another book from fan favorite David Bernstein. Blue Demon was first available as a limited collector’s edition from Thunderstorm. Now, it will come out from SGP in print and e-book on December 15, 2016. You can pre-order now!


The cover design was done by the really cool and retro artist, Matt Davis. Isn’t it rockin?


“The creation of it was pretty basic, as far as my personal process goes. I create everything digitally, using Photoshop and a combination of painting and compositing elements after thoroughly researching the concept of the art and talking it over with the author or, in this case, the publisher” said Davis. “For this one, Sinister Grin wanted to see something that was as much bizarre as it was scary, to push the angle of the weird horror that the book presents. I’m a big fan of the strange and love the retro 80s aesthetic, with the neon and chrome, the glitched presentation, and Sinister Grin gave me a lot of liberties with it to which I’m pretty thankful. I think someone said the art would look amazing airbrushed on the side of a van. I think that would be awesome.”

If you like Matt’s work, more can be seen and he can be contacted at, which has samples of his covers, and, which has some of his personal work.

Blue Demon, Synopsis –

When the meek need defending, they call on Blue Demon, a guardian of bloodshed and retribution. Its loyalty is forever, as long as you remain righteous. For those that oppress the demon’s flock, life grows short. It kills in the most brutal fashion, and maims those it most despises. It has no feelings, only loyalty and devotion for the ones it protects.
Of course, this is all from the Blue Demon television show and Cal Langston, Blue Demon’s biggest fan, knows such things can’t be real, at least not until the people who messed with him start dying in the most horrific of ways.

Frightened and not sure what to believe, he sets out to discover what is truly going on, and if Blue Demon is for real, does he want it watching over him?

Make sure to pre-order/order here!


Biography of David Bernstein

David Bernstein is originally from a small town in Upstate New York called Salisbury Mills. He now resides in NYC and misses being surrounded by chainsaw-wielding maniacs and wild backwoods people that like to eat raw human flesh. He’s grown used to the city, though hiding bodies is much harder there.


He is the author of Amongst the Dead, Damaged Souls, The Tree Man, Witch Island, Relic of Death, Apartment 7C, A Mixed Bag of Blood (short story collection), co-author in Jackpot, and the forthcoming Episodes of Violence (also from Sinister Grin Press). David writes all kinds of horror, from hair-raising ghost stories to gore-filled slashers and apocalyptic tales of terror.


He loves hearing from his readers. You can reach him on Facebook or on Twitter: @Bernsteinauthor. Visit him at his website.


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Pulling Teeth with The Sisters of Slaughter

Pulling Teeth with Melissa Lason and Michelle Garza

Dubbed The Sisters of Slaughter by the editors of Fireside Press. sisters-of-slaughter

Where are you from?

Hades, some people call it Arizona.

Tell us your latest news?

We just finished a science fiction novel that was released in a kindle world. We also have a new hlegacy-fleetorror novel we’re working on and next year we’re working on more horror and dark fantasy.

What inspired you to write your first book?

We were inspired to write from listening to our dad tell us ghost stories and by our mom’s love of watching classic horror movies. Our first book we wrote when we were eight, it had a werewolf and ghosts in it.

What books have most influenced your life most?

We are heavily influenced by mythology but as far as fiction books we would say books like the dark tower and the Lord of the rings.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Toneye Eyenot. Adam Cesare, Kevin Strange

Can you share a little of your current Sinister Grin Press work with us?

MayanBlue_FRONTMayan Blue was released on May 25 2016. It’s a brutal story about a group of people who find themselves thrust into the Mayan equivalent of Hell.

How did you come up with the title?

Mayan blue is the name of the pigment the Mayan’s used to paint things…like their human sacrifices.

Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing naked while eating peanut butter)?

We both have children so we’ve become accustomed to working amidst chaos. If it was quiet we probably wouldn’t know what to do. We do require snacks and coffee though.

Is there one subject you would never write about as an author? What is it?

There are things we prefer to elude to, like child molestation. The human mind can elaborate on its horror. We really dont have anything we absolutely wouldn’t write about and books that do go into detail don’t turn us off to the story. It’s the writer’s decision on the amount of details they want to add.

What is your biggest fear?

Our children being hurt…also cockroaches. cockroaches

What do you want your tombstone to say?

You’re standing on my boobs.

Do you dream? Do you have any recurring dreams/nightmares?

We have ordinary dreams of world domination.

Michelle has nightmares about sharks for some reason hahaha.

Pulling Teeth with Zach McCain

Pulling Teeth with Zach McCain pulling teeth

Zach McCain is an internationally published artist who is primarily known for his illustration and cover artwork in the horror and science fiction genres. He has worked on hundreds of books for numerous publishers. His work ranges from book and magazine illustration to graphic design, album art, DVD and poster work for films, and RPG games. Mediums often used are oils as well as pencil, ink, and digital. He sits down with us so we can pull some teeth.

You may not be familiar with Zach’s name but you have seen his work.

MayanBlue_FRONT 6 Savages_FRONT_LARGE 

Where are you from?

I was born in Corpus Christi Texas and grew up around San Antonio.  I’ve lived in various places around Texas throughout my life and currently live in El Campo Texas.

Tell us your latest news?

Unfortunately I’m unable to talk about my latest news at this point other than to say it’s movie related.  Aside from that I continue to do book covers and work on my comic book in my spare time.

What art do you most identify with?

I don’t identify with any particular art movement or style. If I had to pick an art form that I identify the most with it would probably be film.   The director I identify with the most would be Ridley Scott.   He’s not my favorite director but everything he says is something I’ve said before or was already thinking.

What work do you most enjoying doing?

I enjoy all of it.  Not really one thing in particular over the other.  It all has it’s own enjoyment.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?

I was very inspired by J. J. Abram’s Super 8.  It reminded me of what it was likesuper-8-3 to be a kid again.  After seeing it I had this overwhelming feeling that I could do anything that I wanted to.  The next day I starting writing my own comic book.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Too embarrassing to talk about.

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

I worked small oil field jobs for awhile.

What is your dream project?

Anything Godzilla related.

Name three artists you’d like to be compared to.

I don’t really have an answer for that one.  I’m not really a fan of other illustrators and don’t know of that many so I can’t say who I’d like to be compared to.

Can you remember one of the first things you drew/sculpted/painted/photographed etc.? What makes it memorable?

I remember doing a watercolor painting of Godzilla when I was in kindergarten that got godzilla-breatheverybody’s attention.   That was the first thing that I remember.  I suppose what made it memorable was that the class and the teacher took notice of it but I didn’t think anything about it.

This being primarily an author’s blog, I would like to ask when you’ve designed any artwork for an author (cover image, maps, interior art - including font styles - etc.) how much harder is it to meet the demands of others?  How much of your own input goes into something like that?

I’ve never really had any issues.  My main goal is to make the author and publisher happy.  I’ve run into some bumps along the way but in most cases I don’t press too hard with my own input.

Are there any new artists that have grasped your interest?

No.  I’m not really a fan of artists in general.

What are your current projects?

I’m currently working on covers for different publishers and authors and am trying to get the second part of my comic book completed.   Staying busy.

Follow and find Zach on his website.

Find more of his artwork coming soon at Sinister Grin Press

Cover Reveal for Tim Reed and Summons of the Majestic

Mirror Matter Press, the sister press of Sinister Grin Press, is excited to release the beautiful and engaging cover for Summons of the Majestic, the first book in a fantasy series called The Eight Islands by UK author Tim Reed. We are thrilled to offer this series to readers and the book will release Dec. 1, 2016.


The cover and paperback artist Zach McCain drops by to explain his process in making the cover come together from sketch to grand finale.


The stage is yours Zach…..


The cover idea from the author for this book was very specific.  It called for eight silhouetted islands floating in the sky, a manta ray like creature flying up above with crows fleeing from it, and a white figure reaching up as if to touch the crows.  So the difficult part of the artwork was arranging all of those elements while still leaving room for the author’s name and title of the book.


One thing I found out right away was that a manta ray has such an odd shape that unless you are looking at it from above or below it can be difficult to make out.  So I opted for a straight-on shot in the original sketch.

After the sketch was approved I started on the actual drawing.  I realized that the manta ray creature in the sketch didn’t look very manta ray-like so I changed it to look more like the actual animal.




Once everything was finally in place I began coloring it.  In my mind I kept picturing the colors of a sunset.




I continued to darken areas to make the luminescent parts of the manta ray pop and adding more contrast to the overall image.




The final step was adding some small finishing touches to the creature and background and at last adding the text.




If you’d like to learn more about Zach, you can go to his website.


Next, we asked author Tim Reed his thoughts on his cover, Summons of the Majestic!


How do you feel about the cover design and how does it connect with your book?


A: The vision I had for the Summons of the Majestic cover is pretty much realized! The layout is spot on, with a stark, abstract feel to the imagery which I hope creates a sense of dream-like fantasy; this permeates through the narrative, with the protagonist Teepo venturing into other dimensional worlds and struggling with his own dreams, all in an effort to combat a growing darkness that threatens to finish off the remnants of the world. I also wanted to get simple depictions of the Eight Islands (series name and central to the book) on the cover, along with the dominant figure of the Crygale at the top. The latter is a symbol of the pitiless, alien domains that Teepo has to overcome and conquer in a forced quest to capture ‘Summons’. The contrast of huge monster and tiny human outline is something I am ecstatic with. It shows the monumental task that our hero has taken on. He is not much more than a boy…and yet has to somehow subdue and control many strong spirits.


What can readers look forward to with this series?


A: I hope there is plenty, but first and foremost it is a journey with a vulnerable young man who is being corralled into an almost hopeless task - to find a way to combat an ancient power because no-one else can. His mentor is not some Gandalf-esque wise man but a man driven by a selfish endgame. And our hero, Teepo, has to learn swiftly or die. He has led a life filled with self-doubt, so it will be interesting to see how he grows (or struggles) with the burden of responsibility (oh…and he has, let’s just say, an ‘interesting’ shadow that has a growing influence on his thoughts as he journeys). Lastly, each Summon he finds presents its own problems, along with a singular history, a unique set of skills and danger level. So, for those with a love of Hearthstone, Pokemon, and all things collectible monsters, there should be plenty to enjoy.


Summons of the Majestic, Synopsis


Teepo is an orphan and a boy who can Summon - a Gromancer. The problem is that his master, Dragma, is also a Gromancer. To have two in the same generation is a curse. And when a sacred tree sheds its leaves in their village, the curse deepens and doom is foretold. Teepo has but one option. Exile.

Together with his master, Teepo must venture out into the Eight Islands and follow the ancient Gromancer way. He must search for fifty spirits of elemental, physical and mental mind, in the fool’s hope of gaining a reprieve back to Paradise. But the way is near impossible. Darkness gallops on their heels; forgotten realms unzip themselves into reality; and the Darknova moves across the moon, heralding the return of an ancient evil.

Only with their shared bond can Teepo and Dragma hope to survive the gathering maelstrom. But after a while, as they gather forces around them, Teepo starts to suspect his master has an ulterior - more selfish - motive for collecting the Summons. If true, it could potentially leave Teepo alone as the last Gromancer alive…in a world stricken by chaos.


This is the first book in The Eight Islands series. You can pre-order your Kindle copy here.


Tim Reed, Biography


Tim Reed whittles the week away by frowning over reports as a technical editor, but once the moon rises, he transforms into a werebeast of writer proportions. He has gobbled classic and contemporary novels for many years and uses them as inspiration for his own writing, mainly in the horror, fantasy and sci-fi realms. He has been published several times in the short story and novella field, in the USA and UK, with works such as Spider From the Well and Running Free available as e-books on Amazon. One day, he dreams of forming his own Inklings club, creating his own Mythos or generally accepting $1 for film rights to any of his books. So no pressure.

In the meantime, he lives in relative tranquility with his wife in sunny London, musing on how to write messed-up weird fiction without having to resort to opium. He cites Tolkien, Blackwood, Herbert, Lovecraft and King as influences.

Outside of writing, Tim enjoys many hobbies - too many, for the writer within; these include most sports, being a snooty film buff, being an equally snooty theatre/museum goer, and building shrines to Bruce Campbell (one of these is untrue). He enjoys great food, good family and loves the little, peaceful things in life.


About Mirror Matter Press


Mirror Matter Press is the sister press of Sinister Grin Press. With common ownership, Mirror Matter Press focuses on Science Fiction, Fantasy, Pulp and other fictions not horror-related. Mirror Matter Press brings the best fiction to market from new and established writers and strives to immerse readers in new worlds.

Horror for the Holidays

Sinister Grin Press returns to the Horror for the Holidays bazaar for the bizarre.  Join us November 13th!!

Hunter Shea Signs Deal


Hunter Shea Signs Deal for First Hardcover Limited Edition with Sinister Grin Press

Austin, Texas—Sinister Grin Press is pleased to announce it will partner with acclaimed horror author Hunter Shea for his first limited edition hard cover collector novel, We are Always Watching. It is categorized as horror with elements of paranormal mystery. It should be available in January of 2017 through order on the Sinister Grin website. After the order period for the collector edition, it will also be available in paperback and e-book.

“I’m thrilled to find a new home at Sinister Grin Press, which has a stellar reputation for publishing top quality horror,” Shea said. “They have an amazing team who are true fans of the genre. I can’t wait to see the finished product for my first limited edition hardcover. That’s one to tick off the bucket list. Get ready for a whole new chapter!”

The team at Sinister Grin Press is looking forward to launching 2017 with We are Always Watching. “We are very excited to work with an author of his caliber as we are always striving to publish some of the best horror available in today’s market,” said Matt Worthington, co-owner and operating officer of Sinister Grin Press.

Shea is a best-selling author of 15 novels and novellas and a few short stories across multiple publishers. His video podcast, Monster Men, is one of the most watched horror podcasts in the world.

Sinister Grin Press continually works to give horror readers books that they can proudly spend their money on. It’s horror that’ll carve a smile on your face. To learn more about Sinister Grin Press, and to receive updates on books available or upcoming, please join us at or sign up for the newsletter.

Find Hunter Shea on his website.

Pulling Teeth with Kristal Stittle

Pulling Teeth with Kristal Stittle


Where are you from?

I was born in Toronto, Canada where I’ve always lived.  In the summers, however, I tend to hide out in the woods of Muskoka.


What inspired you to write your first book?survival-instict

Hard to say, since I’ve been dabbling with writing for longer than I can properly remember.  The first book I actually finished and got published, however, came about because of a combination of things.  I had written some fan fiction at the time, the first thing I had ever let anyone else read outside of school projects, and I was pleased with it.  At that perfect moment, I read the book HATER by David Moody, and learned how he had originally self-published his work.  I had never considered the idea of self-publishing, or even of looking for a publisher, but suddenly I wanted to.  After a two hour drive from Toronto to Muskoka, my head was full of characters and I was ready to start my first serious bit of writing, which became SURVIVAL INSTINCT.


What books have most influenced your life most?

As I mentioned above, HATER would be the biggest one.  Growing up, I was big fan of A. K. Applegate’s ANIMORPHS series, and then J. K. Rowling’s HARRY POTTER, so they’ve certainly seeped into my subconscious.  The works of Stephen King, especially his DARK TOWER series, and more recently George R. R. Martin’s A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE are probably the ones that are most shaping my thoughts right now.


Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

I read two authors this summer that were new to me.  I tore through Adam Baker’s OUTPOST and its following three books, as well as the first three JACK REACHER novels by Lee Child.  Neither of them write in a style that I’m used to, so it took me a moment to wrap my reading voice around them, but once I did, I thoroughly enjoyed their books.


What book are you reading now?

I just started reading THE LAST STAR which is the third book in Rick Yancey’s THE 5TH WAVE trilogy.  I’m not very far into it yet, so I can’t form a proper opinion, but I liked the first two books enough to finish off the series.


Can you share a little of your current Sinister Grin Press work with us? merciless300

MERCILESS starts out as a typical home invasion thriller, following Mercy as she tries to flee from a group of men who want her for unknown purposes.  By the end, however, it is certainly no longer typical.  While MERCILESS is my fifth book to be published, it was actually the second one that I wrote.  I sat on it for some time, waiting to find just the right publisher, which I found here!


How did you come up with the title?

I named Mercy first.  She actually started out as a rough character background for a video game some friends of mine had planned to make.  I ended up liking her enough that, once it seemed the game wouldn’t be made anytime soon, I decided to tweak that background and then flesh out a full story for her.  As soon as the word MERCILESS popped into my head, I knew it was the perfect title.


Do you have any strange writing habits (like standing on your head or writing naked while eating peanut butter)?

None as strange as your examples, haha.  I think it might depend on what you consider strange?  I do all of my writing on a really old laptop (known as Crappy Lappy) that can’t even hold a second’s worth of charge, despite the fact that I have a very nice computer on which I make art right beside it.  Also, last month, I started keeping a colouring book and some pencil crayons beside me while I write.  Whenever I get stuck, I find it helps to give my hands something simple to do while my mind works through the scene.  Until I got the colouring book, I played a lot of Minesweeper.


Is there one subject you would never write about as an author? What is it?

I don’t think there’s a subject I’m not willing to at least touch upon.  I’ve already thrown in some dashes of really dark stuff into my work.  To say I’ll never write about something feels like hobbling myself.  If the story I’m writing decides to take me somewhere, I’m not afraid to follow.  At the opposite end, this also means I might write a super mushy love story one day.


What is your biggest fear?

I have many fears, most of them anxiety driven.  The biggest one feels pretty personal, so that one I’m going to keep to myself.  I will say, though, that I constantly fret about having my house burn down.  That’s been something I’ve dreaded every since I was a wee one.


What do you want your tombstone to say?

I’ve never thought of this before.  I suppose something along the lines of “She lived a thousand lives.”


If you had a superpower, what would it be?

If I could only pick one, I’d probably go the healing route.  I really don’t like being sick, and I get frustrated with the whole balanced diet thing.  If I could heal others too, that would be even better.  Telekinesis sounds great, but I know I would use it to be super lazy and become a great big lump.  Stopping time could be useful, because then I’d be able to squeeze in an hour of writing whenever I wanted.


What is your next project?

I have a couple of projects on the go, and I’m not usually big on sharing.  One of them, however, involves androids, and has turned into an interesting journey about families for me.  There’s also a YA series I’m experimenting with, and I’m constantly toying with the idea of putting together some sort of short story collection.  I’m a bit all over the map with my writing, so the next thing you see from me could be a sci-fi novel I’ve been pitching to a few places,  a suspense novel with a speculative fiction twist, or maybe even one of my film scripts if one of them finally finds its way into a producer’s hands.  I’m as excited to see what happens next as my fans are.


Richard J. O’Brien’s Infestation Cover Reveal

Next up in November from Sinister Grin Press is Infestation by Richard J. O’Brien! This interesting cover was created by Jim Agpalza with title design by graphic artist Scott Carpenter and you can see the front and the wrap around below! Creepy and retro, right?




Infestation, Synopsis

In Weyrd County, New Jersey, a UFO crashes into the Pinelands. Rumors soon spread throughout the county that the craft’s occupants have escaped.

As panic spreads, Bud McCracken, pest exterminator, picks up a last-minute overtime assignment, and his client turns out to be his former grade school teacher Alice Cranberry. Bud soon discovers that the ‘pest problem’ at Alice’s house is not of this world. Meanwhile, Alice picks up where she left off decades ago belittling Bud every chance she gets.

Bud knows there’s only one way to deal with his childhood trauma. But Alice, under the aliens’ telehypnotic spell, won’t go without a fight.


Order Infestation HERE!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00064]

Richard J. O’Brien, Biography

Richard J. O’Brien has published stories in 13 Horror, Sinister Grin Press’s Vicious Circle Season One, Disturbed Digest, and other magazines. His novel The Garden of Fragile Things was published in 2015 by Vagabondage Press. Currently, Richard teaches writing and literature at Stockton University, Temple University, and Rowan College at Gloucester County. Visit Richard at

Follow all the news and book releases at Sinister Grin Press.

Horror That’ll Carve a Smile on Your Face!

Everson’s The Family Tree Available in a Beautiful Limited Edition Hardcover

We are thrilled to announce for sale the gorgeous limited edition selection of The Family Tree by Bram Stoker Award winning and multi-nominated author John Everson! The sale started today (October 3, 2016) and you can order your copy here on our Sinister Grin Press website. John stopped by to tell us a little bit about his thoughts on the cover and then we speak with artist Zach McCain and he gives us a bird’s eye glimpse into his creation process. Don’t miss out on this beautiful collector item. It would also make a wonderful holiday gift!


Without further ado, check out this cover and then continue on to read more about it:




Now let’s remind you what The Family Tree is about….

Its roots are old…and twisted!

The blood of the tree is its sap. It has sustained Scott Belvedere’s family for generations. It’s the secret ingredient behind the family’s intoxicating ale and bourbon, among other elixirs. But only when Scott inherits The Family Tree Inn, deep in the hills of Virginia, does he learn anything about his family, its symbiotic history, or the mammoth, ancient tree around which the inn is literally built. And after he stumbles upon the bony secrets hidden in its roots, while in the welcoming arms of the innkeeper’s daughter, he realizes that not only is blood thicker than water—it’s the only thing that might save him from the hideous fate of his ancestors…


The Family Tree Revisited – John Everson


How does the cover speak to your overall book content?


The crux of the novel is the dark secret of a family whose lives revolve around a strange, ancient tree… the tree that their ancestral Family Inn is built around. When our hero Scott Belvedere inherits the inn, he goes out to rural Virginia to check it out, and to see about possibly unloading the property and converting his inheritance to cash. Instead, he’s lured in by the innkeeper’s daughter…and a few other vixens. Together, they will indoctrinate him in the secret that generations of his family have kept hidden from outsiders.


The new limited edition cover is actually the exact realization of the image I’d always had for the novel. I’ve always thought the best cover for this book would be a seductive woman intertwined with a tree. This new cover (for the LE) really is a great representation of the book’s premise, I think. It’s exactly what I hoped it would be!


What do you like best about this LE collector’s item?


The cover! And the fact that The Family Tree has “come home.”


What do I mean by that?  Well… the novel began as a project intended for Sinister Grin. Shane Mackenzie, the editor at the time, had asked me if I’d do a novella for his press, and I sent him a couple potential ideas. He picked The Family Tree, and I went to work on it. Only problem was… it took me three times as long as I intended, and it ended up being twice as long as planned. So instead of being a quickie little side project novella, almost a year later it ended up turning into a full-length novel. And due to my relationship with Samhain at the time, I needed to offer them the first look at a new novel. Samhain sent me a contract almost immediately, and so… The Family Tree ended up being my October release for 2014 from Samhain.  So… to have it now appearing as a hardcover from Sinister Grin, is really a perfect circle.  I have to thank the current Sinister Grin team, Tristan Thorne, and Matt Worthington for taking back the prodigal child!


Let’s discover how artist Zach McCain accomplished this beauty of a cover with a step-by-step presentation of his artwork. At the end, you’ll also view his art featured inside the collector’s edition as well.


Creating of The Family Tree – Zach McCain


The elements I had to work with on this cover were a woman merged with a tree and an old inn.  I wanted to also work in the moon as well.  The original sketch included all three elements.




Once I got started I decided to focus on the woman and tree and leave the inn and moon out.  The reason being is I tend to like covers with one central image.  That, and since most of the books I work on are primarily sold online I try to keep the cover from becoming too cluttered so that in thumbnail form the cover will be more eye catching.




After finally deciding on how the tree and woman would be interacting the final stage of the pencil drawing was shading and adding more detail.




After scanning the drawing I began coloring it in Photoshop.  I decided to go with green because, well, green is my favorite color and I don’t often get the chance to do green covers.




The final stage of the cover was adding some highlights to the tree branches, the woman’s hair and parts of the body.  I decide to tone down the colors to give it a more earthy look and not be so bright and colorful.  When adding the text I felt gold text would go well with the green background and chose a more formal font instead of something that screams horror.




For the inside pages we went with alcohol barrels from the Family Tree Inn to round out the look for the story….


Adobe Photoshop PDF


We hope you enjoyed discovering The Family Tree and its cover. We look forward to hearing just how nice it sits on your family bookshelf. (And we always welcome your photos!)


Order today by heading over to the HOME page of this site!


If you haven’t decided yet, here is some praise for the book:


“A sure-fire hit for anyone who loves 70s/80s-styled pulp horror.” (The Horror Fiction Review)

“Everson has published yet another horror masterpiece that is in my top five for this year. A haunting and original book, The Family Tree is a creepy tale of family heritage and devotion that you won’t soon forget.” (Shattered Ravings)

“Everson is one of the best writers of modern horror today. He seamlessly stitches dread and suspense into well-worn horror tropes, giving the tried and true a sense of fresh and new.” (

“[Everson]’s as crisp as he’s ever been, and despite a somewhat deceptive concept, he’s still true to his X-rated roots, which longtime followers are going to find quite pleasing. Read the book. It’s awesome!.”  (Horror Novel Reviews)

“John Everson is known for his use of eroticism with his horror and in The Family Tree, he proves once again that he is the master of dark and sexy. If you’re not turned on during one of the many hot scenes then maybe you should check to see if you’re breathing…If you like your horror a little scandalous, then The Family Tree is for you.” (Living Dead Magazine)

About John Everson

 john-everson   John Everson is a Bram Stoker Award-winning author of eight novels of erotic horror and the macabre, including the Fountain of Youth thriller THE FAMILY TREE, as well as the Bram Stoker Award-nominated tour de force NIGHTWHERE, the Bram Stoker Award-winner COVENANT, its sequel SACRIFICE and the standalone novels THE 13TH, SIREN, THE PUMPKIN MAN, VIOLET EYES. He also is the author of four collections of short horror fiction, including his latest, SACRIFICING VIRGINS.

John shares a deep purple den in Naperville, Illinois with a cockatoo and cockatiel, a disparate collection of fake skulls, twisted skeletal fairies, Alan Clark illustrations and a large stuffed Eeyore. There’s also a mounted Chinese fowling spider named Stoker, an ever-growing shelf of custom mix CDs and an acoustic guitar that he can’t really play but that his son likes to hear him beat on anyway. Sometimes his wife is surprised to find him shuffling through more public areas of the house, but it’s usually only to brew another cup of coffee. In order to avoid the onerous task of writing, he occasionally records pop-rock songs in a hidden home studio, experiments with the insatiable culinary joys of the jalapeno, designs book covers for a variety of small presses, loses hours in expanding an array of gardens and chases frequent excursions into the bizarre visual headspace of ’70s euro-horror DVDs with a shot of Makers Mark and a tall glass of Newcastle.

Learn more about John on his website, where you can sign up for a direct-from-the-author monthly e-newsletter with information on new books, contests, and occasionally, free fiction.

Want to connect? Follow John on Twitter @johneverson, or find him on Facebook at


Sinster Grin Press…horror that’ll carve a smile on your face!

October Special - Sinister Grin Press Kindle Sale



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