Richard J. O’Brien’s Infestation Cover Reveal

Next up in November from Sinister Grin Press is Infestation by Richard J. O’Brien! This interesting cover was created by Jim Agpalza with title design by graphic artist Scott Carpenter and you can see the front and the wrap around below! Creepy and retro, right?




Infestation, Synopsis

In Weyrd County, New Jersey, a UFO crashes into the Pinelands. Rumors soon spread throughout the county that the craft’s occupants have escaped.

As panic spreads, Bud McCracken, pest exterminator, picks up a last-minute overtime assignment, and his client turns out to be his former grade school teacher Alice Cranberry. Bud soon discovers that the ‘pest problem’ at Alice’s house is not of this world. Meanwhile, Alice picks up where she left off decades ago belittling Bud every chance she gets.

Bud knows there’s only one way to deal with his childhood trauma. But Alice, under the aliens’ telehypnotic spell, won’t go without a fight.


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Richard J. O’Brien, Biography

Richard J. O’Brien has published stories in 13 Horror, Sinister Grin Press’s Vicious Circle Season One, Disturbed Digest, and other magazines. His novel The Garden of Fragile Things was published in 2015 by Vagabondage Press. Currently, Richard teaches writing and literature at Stockton University, Temple University, and Rowan College at Gloucester County. Visit Richard at

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