Seven Feet Under: 7 Twisted Tales From America’s Deep South by Matthew Weber

With this collection of short stories, Matthew Weber delivers seven twisted tales from America’s Deep South. From flesh-hungry creatures that lurk in a lake to voodoo curses that change men into monsters, Seven Feet Under delivers spine-tingling suspense and bed-wetting horror.

“To Kill a Guy Twice” pits a vicious ghost against a young boy, his friend and his family.

“In the Hills, The Shadows” shows that your sins can catch up with you, even when you thought you’d gotten away with murder.

And a father will do whatever it takes to save his children from a city-smashing leviathan in “Daddy’s On the Way.”

Fast-paced, frightening and full of shocking twists and turns, this book will force you to stay up late, lock every door, and keep the lights on until the break of dawn.

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