Cover Reveal: Under the Bronze Moon by Richard J. O’Brien

Cover Reveal: Under the Bronze Moon is SGP First Fantasy Release of 2018

Sinister Grin Press is very excited to reveal the cover for our first fantasy title of the year, UNDER THE BRONZE MOON, by Richard O’Brien. It will be published on June 15, 2018 and available in e-book and paperback formats.

This adult fantasy novel is a beautiful literary work of art that will take you through time via flashbacks, but you’ll always feel in the moment with these characters who’ve set their course on redemption. We hope fantasy readers who love the great works of literature in history will appreciate this novel.

Learn about the creation of the cover here and be sure to let us know what you think!

“I was fortunate enough to be presented with a few different ideas from Zach regarding the cover for Under the Bronze Moon,” said O’Brien. “Then came the cover that changed everything. As soon as I opened the image, I thought this is absolutely the right cover for several reasons. The cover captures the overall otherworldly aspects of the book. In addition, the lone figure standing before the moon is done in such a way that his identity remains a mystery—perhaps symbolizing three different characters who witness firsthand, at various points in the story, something that is not supposed to exist. Lastly the giant moon, rather feral-looking as it dwarfs the lone figure, represents the magnitude of a long-held secret that is revealed within the story.”

Creation of Under the Bronze Moon
by Zach McCain, artist

The direction for this cover was a bronze colored moon rising over the horizon and a man standing in front of it.  The author mentioned liking a series of covers done by another artist, so I looked her up and tried to do something in a similar style.


The author ended up choosing to go with my traditional style artwork instead.  I did a simple thumbnail sketch which was approved.

I worked so quickly on this one that I forgot to take progress shots along the way.

The finished image:

Next, I did a few different versions with text and this is the one that was finally approved.

It took a lot of different ideas and drafts before getting rolling but once the sketch was approved everything came together very fast.

We appreciate Zach working so hard to produce such a phenomenal cover for Richard’s glowing literature. Fantasy fans don’t want to miss out on this one.

Under the Bronze Moon, Back Cover Copy –

In Under the Bronze Moon, Professor Harold Miller discovers the otherworldly inspiration for the late writer R.J. Hyatt’s only published novel, The Land of Dust and Honey—a long, dense exploration into an alternate world discovered by a soldier of The Great War and a young girl from a different century. When his publisher tasks him with locating a ‘lost novel’ by Hyatt, the scholar travels to meet Hyatt’s literary estate heir, May Weldon.

There he learns that May wants his assistance in her passing from this world. For his help, Miller is rewarded with a well-guarded treasure and access to the fabled world from which Hyatt drew his inspiration. For a scholar who devoted his adult life to R.J. Hyatt’s work, it is a dream fulfilled. How long the scholar will remember his life-changing experience, after May is gone for good, is something else altogether.

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Richard J. O’Brien, Biography –

Richard J. O’Brien’s stories have appeared in 13 Horror, Disturbed Digest, Encounters Magazine, The Del Sol Review, Vicious Circle: Season One, and other publications. His novels include The Garden of Fragile Things (Vagabondage Press, 2015) and Infestation (Sinister Grin Press, 2016). Richard lives in New Jersey. He earned his MFA in Creative Writing at Fairleigh Dickinson University. When he’s not busy writing, he teaches writing and literature at Rowan College at Gloucester County and Stockton University. Find out more on Richard J. O’Brien at his website.

Media/Reviewers -

Digital ARCS will be available soon for those interested in reviewing, so plan your schedule now or put in an early request. Scheduling is also underway for interviews or features with O’Brien. Please contact Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi at [email protected] or find her on Twitter at @erinalmehairi, if interested.

Sinister Grin Press -

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