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Sinister Grin Press is thrilled to show you a new REVISED cover created by artist Matt Davis for The Journal of Jeremy Todd by author John Quick, which was published July 2017 and is available now in e-book and print. This composition notebook-style cover was created painstakingly by hand with the graphic ability of Matt, then the rest of the art over laid. The photo of the Riverside Mental Health Center, the facility the book was found in (*wink*), is paperclipped to the upper corner to draw the reader in.

Unlike most books, this won’t have back cover copy, but instead is a continuation of the art just like a real journal. It does seem to have encountered a bloody hand, though, and an investigation is underway.

An introduction to the book will grace the inside front pages to begin this book. The Journal of Jeremy Todd is written in first person and is the account of Jeremy Todd. Is he crazy? He says he’s not. Only you can decide based on his found journal, which we’ve published on behalf of the Riverview Mental Health Center (*wink wink*). When the journal was found, there were many other clues tucked inside as well, such as a medical report, a letter, a newspaper article, and photos

These clues (in reality) were nicely designed for Sinister Grin by graphic artist Kevin Robel of Robel Graphics and placed in the book.

Please let us know what you think!


The Journal of Jeremy Todd, Synopsis -

“I am not crazy.

I’ve had some issues. That I won’t deny. But am I crazy? I suppose that’s going to be up to you to figure out.

This is what happened to me around the time of my high school reunion. This is what I did, and why I did it. The story not only of that reunion and the events surrounding it, the ones you’ve probably read about in the papers, but about the things that happened during high school that make it necessary for things to play out the way they did. This is what happened to me, and to all those kids who thought I was simply a target in school. This is the true story of what they did to me, and what I did to them in return.

Once you’ve read my tale, I’m sure you’ll agree that I’m not crazy.

And who cares what that judge thought, anyway?”

From John Quick, the author of the highly regarded debut novel Consequences, and the collection, Three Shots and a Chaser, comes a unique tale of simmering madness and revenge. The Journal of Jeremy Todd, found by Riverview Mental Hospital staff, has now been made public.

John Quick, Biograpy –

John Quick has been reading and writing scary and disturbing stuff for as long as he can remember and is happy to now be releasing some of his creations upon the world.

John Quick

His debut novel, Consequences, is available now as a paperback or digital format. At the end of 2016 he published a small short story collection, called Three Shots and a Chaser, with a unique idea of wrapping those stories around a main story. It’s available in digital or print formats as well. Having now released The Journal of Jeremy Todd, with Sinister Grin Press, last July, and Damnation Trail, on April 17, 2018, he looks forward to letting you know about other upcoming titles soon. He lives in Middle Tennessee with his wife, two kids, and four dogs that think they’re kids.

When he’s not hard at work on his next novel, you can find him online at or on Facebook and Twitter.


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