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Adam Cesare

Things to Do in Indianapolis When You’re Still Alive (and a Horror Fan)

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So that previous post? Yeah. I’m going to leave it up but it looks pretty silly to me right now, freshly arrived home from HorrorHound Indy.

How was the con?

It. Was. Awesome.

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Adam Cesare

In a few short hours I’ll be getting on a plane to head to Indianapolis for HorrorHound Weekend. I’ll be selling books and signing at one of my publisher’s booths (Samhain, who has released all of my full-length novels to date) and enjoying the con, but in truth: I have no idea what to expect and, boy, am I nervous. – Goodreads

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Adam Cesare

The lowest hanging fruit, when it comes to poking fun at horror films, is to make a “look out for the cat!” joke. By which I mean the jump-scare is too often used as a pseudonym for the cheap scare.
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Sheri White just wrote a great review of Jackpot over on The Horror Fiction Review.

Check it out here.



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