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Editors Choice

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This Month’s Editor’s Choice is The Myth of Falling by Charlee Jacob

Enjoy a Signed Limited Edition Hardback for only $30.00

Happy Halloween

Enjoy a truly BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!



Horror Geeks 1st Annual Halloween Costume Contest



Housecore Horror Film Festival



Housecore Horror Book Signing Schedule

10/24     Cody Schibi 10-12

Lee Thomas 11-3

Shane McKenzie 1-5

Nate Southard 3-6

Ed Kurtz 5-7

10/25     Nate Southard 10-2

Shane McKenzie 10-7

Lee Thomas 2-4

Ed Kurtz 5-7

10/26     Gabino Iglesias 10-12

Cody Schibi 10-2

Nate Southard 12-4

Shane McKenzie 2-6

Ed Kurtz 4-7



Halloween Sale

Halloween Sale!!!! kobo eBooks reduced prices until November 1st!!


Live Event

MagBlogRadio   October 12th 6P.M. LIVE!! Join  us for a tasty treat of Zombie cake and Blood Clot drinks made by Donna Colucci. Call in to ask Tarot Reader Angela Lucy a question.  Be prepared to be scared by our Horror Authors: Wrath James White, Paul Loh and David Bernstein. It is going to be a fun night on MagBlogRadio.Host,  Heather O’Neil will even share her collection of vodoo dolls..

Tom Piccirilli

From the Tom Piccirilli Facebook page……….

Since Tom has been cancer free for two years now, I would like to try to thank all the people who helped us pay medical bills, chemo treatments and radiation. If you donated to the Indiagogo campaign started by Tom’s niece Shannon or sent money through Paypal. It doesn’t matter how much you contributed, you helped us immensely. If you went into a bookstore or got online and bought one of Tom’s books, we thank you. If you took time off of work and hopped on a plane to come visit Tom, I will remember each one of you in my heart forever. You know who you are. It was like having angels come to our door (Yes, I called you angels!). To everyone who waited all night with me (we had quite a group) while Tom was in the operating room, you held me up when the weight of the world was crushing me. For all the amazing prayers, good wishes, positive energy, lovely cards and beautiful letters, we thank you. To David Niall Wilson at Crossroad Press who went above and beyond. To Sinister Grin Press, Brian Keene, Edward Lee, Jack Ketchum, Bryan Smith, J.F. Gonzalez, Wrath James White, Nate Southard, Ryan Harding, and Shane McKenzie , everyone involved with the editing, art and publishing of SIXTY-FIVE STIRRUP IRON ROAD, You guys are amazing! And thank you to everyone who purchased this wild book. To some close friends in the business (you know who you are and we love you too!) who privately mailed checks, movies, DVD player, comics and books and to the people we have never met who sent checks, may that Karma come back to you tenfold. To Paul Fry for the amazing issue of Beware the Dark that he dedicated to Tom and to all the writers who made it so wonderful, thank you. To the other publishers, such as Random House (and Matt Schwartz) and magazines who made donations, thank you so much. It was a tough time and I can’t remember all of you by name but I remember your kindness. To people who made Tom gifts, you are amazing. So many people would contact us with a gift or small check and say that they wished they could do more. To you I want to say: YOU PREFORMED MIRACLES. There is no such thing as small kindnesses. To the people who emailed me helpful advice when we were constantly denied Medicaid and to those who contacted me with information about organizations that help writers when they are ill, you all made a huge difference. And if you took time out of your busy day to hope that Tom was doing better, thank you. Tom is superman but all of you are heroes. Thank you for helping to save him. xxoo, Michelle
P.S.look for a similar post next year and the year after and the year after…

We at Sinister Grin Press are very glad that Tom is doing well and glad that we could help. Cancer touches the lives of millions every year, with an estimated 1.6 million new cases in 2013. We want to thank all of those that helped us help Tom and remind you that you can still help others. Donate to the American Cancer Society  or any other local Cancer charity of your choice. 

Housecore Horror Festival

housecore w-glow

Housecore Horror Festival

Book Signing Schedule


Lee Thomas 11AM-3PM

Nate Southard 3PM-6PM

Shane McKenzie 4pm-6pm


Nate Southard 10AM-1PM

Lee Thomas 1PM-4PM

Shane McKenzie 3PM-6PM

Wrath James White 4PM-7PM


Nate Southard 12PM-4PM

Shane McKenzie 3PM-6PM


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