The Sisterhood: Curse of Abbot Hewitt by Annette Siketa

A vengeful monk, three angry witches, and an evil ruby ring.

In 1536, during Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries, an Abbot is unjustly hanged. Before dying, he places a malediction on the daughter of an alleged warlock.

Now, eighty-four years later, an acrimonious dispute between three witches is heating up in the village of Holton. Lies, deceit, and intrigue are rife among them, and eventually, one of the witches falls under the protection of the Abbot’s ghost.

Meanwhile, the warlock is now a demonic entity and master manipulator, with his own ideas about destroying the witches. His evil zealousness in this pursuit sparks a series of horrific events, with ramifications destined to endure throughout the next five centuries.

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