Flanagan by James H. Longmore

“She’d screamed and cried and cursed as each and every one of his wife’s toes he’d chosen for amputation were snipped off and lay bleeding on the cracked tiles of that cheap motel bathroom floor. Nothing left now but ten raw, bloodied stumps. And they’d made him do it.”

Chris and Helen Sewell are your typical, all-American couple; happily married for ten years, respected high school teachers.

During their annual Spring Break vacation to recharge their batteries and reconnect with each other after undergoing a gruelling but unsuccessful fertility program, Chris and Helen are waylaid by a perverse gang of misfits in the small, North Texas town of Flanagan.

Taken hostage as the focus of the gang’s twisted games, Chris and Helen are forced to perform increasingly vicious acts of physical, sexual and emotional torture upon each other until events take an unexpected turn and there is an unintentional death. As their circumstance dissolves into chaos, the Sewells find themselves involved in a different situation altogether.

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